Burrow Ventures

the safe place to launch an idea

Things to remember:

- our function is to help you reach your first major milestone, if you’re already past that stage, then it’s too late for us

- if you’ve already raised angel, accelerator or VC money, then we’re not the right partners

- the ideal project for us is when the founder(s) have a landing page, product wireframes, and some buyer persona work but we're open for a mix of this

- we only invest modest amounts (typically 25K€) on a “shared earnings agreement” to get you on your way

- we agree on a return cap (typically 3-5x), and our share of earnings stops once we reach it

- we provide the capital to help with the inevitable startup costs and for you to use to make your first visible and tangible versions of your product

- we're not interested in complex business plans, bloated promises from “special people” or fancy decks and always privilege interviews, wall chart brainstorming, demos, and customer work

- please make sure you’ve read what business models we back, there are no exceptions

- if you’re not ready to roll your sleeves up with someone, in person, and with your future customers, then we’re probably not the right people

- although we’ll be using all the cool software to organize, share, and discuss things, we don’t believe the current hype around the "whatever it takes" mentality to get things done; so while we work together we expect you to enjoy your family, friends and leisure activities

- if we were in the horticulture industry, we'd consider ourselves a nursery, so when you're ready to move on, our commitment is to provide you introductions to a network of experienced founders and operators who think like us but are able to help you grow to the next stage

- we will not sign an NDA and believe that our informal engagement on our application form covers everything you need at this stage

- for our first batch, we are looking for projects exclusively in France (EU next round)