Burrow Ventures

the safe place to launch an idea


a hole or tunnel in the ground made by a rabbit, fox, or similar animal for retreat, shelter or refuge

Too many projects get ruined at very early stages due to lack of funds at critical moments, inexperienced, lopsided and harmful advice, and overzealous investment strategies by greedy angels and aggressive incubators, accelerators and the rest.

We’ve been there too many times, that’s why we’ve created a safe haven, so you can realize your first milestone and get off to a good start.

We work exclusively on early-stage projects, and invest modest rounds in asset-light business models in the following fields: SaaS, marketplace, aggregator, digital media, low touch, and subscription based.

But we don’t just invest, we help you make it to your first breakthrough stage. And that means rolling up your sleeves with us in person, and surprisingly, together with your future customers.

But here's the catch. Our purpose is to help your team build a sustainable, profitable business from the outset and not depend on raising additional capital before it's necessary (if ever), thus controlling your own destiny.

This takes a particular mindset, and you only get that from people that have founded companies from scratch themselves, and not "serial-entrepreneurs" turned spin doctors that are specialists at spreading industry gossip and spending other peoples money.

We hate stages and bright lights so you won't find us at fashionable conferences or coveted meetups because we prefer working discreetly with early-stage startups than contributing to the hype.

We’re launching this year and are looking for a handful of projects to back, if you’re interested, get in touch below.

You will hear back from us, usually within a few days, and whatever our decision it won’t be from a bot or from a vulgar copy & paste template.